We can equip our automated ball valves and butterfly valves with various options such as solenoid valves, positioners and limit switch boxes in a wide variety of designs. We can also equip manually operated valves with limit switch boxes.

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Intelligent positioners for the control of pneumatic damper actuators Can be controlled from control systems, controllers, or PC-based tools.
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Manual operating accessories

Extension levers, oval crane levers and spring levers to support manual control, even under less than ideal conditions.
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Other accessories

Solenoid valves and other accessories for remote control of process flows. Which accessories can help you optimize your processes? Ask our experts!
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Accessories for even greater process control

Vapo Techniek’s motto is ‘Own the flow’: we strive to offer you the greatest possible control over every part of your processes. We do this through a vast range of cranes and valves, optionally equipped with customactuators. In addition, we are happy to support you with expert advice, based on more than 35 years of product expertise. Asfar as we are concerned, you’ll be fully in charge of every process.

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We are experts in automated valves, with ample inventory and expert advice.
VAPO Advises

With in-depth expertise and customised solutions, VAPO advises customers in optimising water valves for their specific needs.

VAPO Designs

We design water valves with precision and expertise, each tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

VAPO Assembles

During assembly, your vision and our expertise come to life in each water valve developed with care and precision.


Helping customers by getting things done quickly, efficiently and in a personalised way. We are fully up to speed on the latest developments. Good advice can be of great benefit to our clients. We offer convenience, security and confidence

The client comes first

We know our customers and know what is going on in the industry. We ask all the right questions and act quickly. We listen and communicate in a transparent and honest way. We put the client in the number one position.


We take initiative and we are resourceful. u003cbr/u003ernWe show ownership towards our customers and take responsibility. We have a hands-on mentality. If the best solution doesn’t exist yet we make it ourselves.

best possible service

We are a solid company with more than 35 years of experience. We build lasting relationships by always looking for the best solution for our customers. We invest in our employees’ knowledge and development.


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