Butterfly valves

You will find in our product range lug and wafer type Butterfly valves for use in many different processes, from production off food, animalfood, cleaning agent and watertreatment to a (petro)chemical installation. And always with expert advise in connections.

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VTB200 Butterfly valves

We supply from our stock the VTB200 Butterfly valve. Body cast irob GG25, Disc SS304 or SS316, Seat ring EPDM or NBR. Supplied with Handlever, gearbox or automatic actuator.
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VTB300 Butterfly valves

VTB300 is a Butterfly valve for industrial use. Specific the construction off the valve garantees that the valve work for a long time. We supply for many years these valve to different customers with great results. Also in vacuum installations. Ask us for the possiblities.
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More Butterfly valves

Besides the standard Butterfly valves we supply there is also a demand for different brands, design and types. Other certfcations, materials, High performance because off high pressure or temperature, or the need for fire safe tested. Vapo can supply also these Butterfly valves.
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Butterfly valves for every process

VAPO is a specialist butterfly valve supplier. With over 35 years of experience and a wide product range, we can provide excellent advice when selecting the right butterfly valve for your specific process. This extends beyond the type of flap and dimensions, but also looks at housing and seat materials. Of course, you can always order valves directly from our web shop. Should you need advice, our experts will be happy to assist you.

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Do you need a combination of parts for your specific process? Our workshop will be happy to take care of design and custom assembly for plug-and-play installations.


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