Check valves

When it is to direct the flow off waste water or the flow in a extended chemical processes, when in your installation one way direction is needed, a check valve has to be installed. Our range is vast and our experts are happy to help you to make to make the selection for the correct check valve for your process.

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Check valves for all conditions

As a specialist in valves, VAPO naturally also supplies check valves for your process installations, whether you are servicing an existing installation and want to replace a check valve, or designing a completely new process… At VAPO you will find the backflow prevention you need. What’s more, we are happy to offer you all the additional expertise you need. Tell us about the intended operational conditions for check valve deployment, and we will provide you with the perfect valve.

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We are experts in automated valves, with ample inventory and expert advice.
VAPO Advises

With in-depth expertise and customised solutions, VAPO advises customers in optimising water valves for their specific needs.

VAPO Designs

We design water valves with precision and expertise, each tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

VAPO Assembles

During assembly, your vision and our expertise come to life in each water valve developed with care and precision.


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